Barbados Meteorological Services


To observe and understand the weather and climate of Barbados and the region, and provide meteorological, hydrological and marine services in support of the national needs and international obligations.


  • Observation and data collection to meet the needs of present and future generations for reliable and homogeneous national climatological data;
  • Research directed to the advancement of the science of meteorology and the development of a comprehensive description and scientific understanding of Barbados’ weather and climate;
  • Provision of meteorological and related data, information, forecast, warning and advisory services on a national basis.
  • Coordination of Barbados’ involvement in regional and international meteorology.


The overall objective of the Barbados Meteorological Services is to meet the needs of all Barbadians for the meteorological information, understanding and services that are essential for their safety, security and general well-being.

All the activities of the Barbados Meteorological Services are directed towards the following national goals:

  • Safety of life and property.
  • Reduction of the social and economic impacts of natural   disasters.
  • Community health, recreation and quality of life.
  • Provision for the need of future generations.
  • Preservation and enhancement of the quality of the environment. 


  • Monitoring and prediction, data processing, weather services, climate services, hydrological services and international activities.
  • Aviation weather services, provided to airlines and Air Traffic support units have been established and maintained for over 30 years.
  • The provision of weather services to the public and other specific user groups such as aviation, shipping, recreation and tourism, has been paramount over the years. Flood, severe weather and other special weather warnings are provided as a public good exercise.
  • The public weather service is the most visible service, providing current weather information and forecasts for up to four days.
  • Public weather forecasts are issued and updated three times per day.

Contact Us

Ms. Sonia Nurse
  Charnocks, Christ Church, Barbados
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