Markets Division


To maintain attractive marketing infrastructure in an effort to promote vending, entrepreneurship and encourage patronage, and to ensure that persons engaged in marketing produce do so in proper sanitary conditions, thereby negating the risk of health problems for the local population and elsewhere.


  • To provide suitable and adequate accommodations for vendors, so that they can ply their wares/produce to the general public.
  • To protect the consumer from unfair practices by ensuring the correctness of weight and measures for goods are fair and equitable.
  • To monitor the operations of all vendors, as well as market users to ensure that law and order is maintained.


  • Livestock and food crop farmers
  • Fisherfolk
  • Boat owners
  • Vendors
  • Meat plant operators
  • Supermarkets
  • Fish processors
  • Meat shop operators
  • Food caterers
  • Other Government Departments
  • Research organisations
  • General public

Contact Us

Senior Management
Mr. Sherlock King
Manager of Markets
  Graeme Hall, Christ Church, Barbados
  (246) 535-5133

Mr. Israel Kirton
Senior Superintendent of Markets
  c/o Bridgetown Public Market, Princess Alice Highway, Bridgetown, St. Michael Barbados
  (246) 431-0202/07

Ms. Milanese Holder
Manager, Bridgetown Public Market
  Princess Alice Highway, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados
 (246) 431-0207

Mr. Gregory Payne
Superintendent of Markets
  Cheapside Public Market Cheapside, Bridgetown , Barbados
  (246) 426-2552 or (246) 426-4463

Public Markets

Public Markets

Aberdeen Jones Centre

Gall Hill, Christ Church

Phone: (246)  420-2366

Glebe Public Market

The Glebe, St. George
(246)  228-0253

Millie Ifill (Formerly Weston) Fish Market

Weston, St. James
(246) 432-0492

Palmetto Mall & Market

High Street, Bridgetown
(246) 228-8552

Cheapside Public Market

Cheapside Road, Bridgetown
(246)  426-4463

Six Cross Roads Public Market

Six Roads, St. Philip
(246)  423-6243 or (246)  423-9506

Eagle Hall Public Market

Eagle Hall, St. Michael
(246)  436-6109

Fairchild Street Public Market

Fairchild Street, St. Michael

(246)  426-5880 or (246) 429-5311