Cotton Research and Development


To be the premier unit for cotton research and development in Barbados thereby, providing the catalyst for an efficient and effective cotton industry.


To assist with the institutional strengthening and support of the cotton industry by providing technical expertise, a set of best practices in agriculture and the best possible planting material in order to propel the industry in its expansion and movement towards full integration.


  • To continue the genetic improvement of MSI and the production of varieties and lines equivalent to or better than MSI in terms of lint quality and yield.
  • To maintain a germplasm bank for continuity in the breeding programme.
  • To provide premium quality seed material for commercial planting.
  • To develop an integrated pest management programme for the control of the pink bollworm, cotton bollworm and other major pests of cotton.
  • To provide technical support and advice to farmers in order to achieve maximum quality as well as maximum yield per unit area.
  • To continue monitoring of the lint quality at the farm level and from bales at the cotton ginnery.
  • To maintain the fibre analysis laboratory in optimum working condition by timely maintenance and by the replacement of broken and obsolete equipment.


  • Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean Inc.
  • Cotton growers
  • Students
  • Extension officers
  • Regional and extra regional cotton growers
  • International fibre testing laboratories


Fibre Testing Laboratory 

Fibre testing is an integral part of our cotton research programme. It facilitates the selection of the best genotypes for future crossing and commercial production by evaluating genetic material. Agronomic research, particularly fertilizer and planting date trials influence the quality of fibres produced, hence the need for fibre analysis to determine the resulting fibre properties.

Seed Storage and Ginning Operations

The general seed storage area maintains seeds on a short-term basis at approximately 23° C. The cold room is an insulated room within the general seed storage area which maintains seeds at approximately 15-16° C and 65% relative humidity. This room is used for long-term storage.

Seeds from the Sea Island Cotton Germplasm Collection are stored in the seed room for the preservation and maintenance of Sea Island genetic resources. The seed storage area is also used to weigh samples of seed cotton prior to ginning and samples of lint and seeds after ginning. 

All samples derived from experimental trials are ginned by the Cotton Unit using either our commercial gin (used for large samples) or out 12" roller gin (used for small samples). A gin is a machine that separates the seeds, seed hulls, and other small objects from the fibers of cotton.

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