Climate Change Unit


To assist farm units in mitigating, adapting, and improving productivity and efficiency in the face of climate related events that impact local agriculture. 


Promote mitigation and adaptation measures, through the introduction of appropriate technologies, practices and research methodologies that will lead to improved efficiencies and productivity on farm units. 


  • Collaboration with the Extension Unit, and the Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (BADMC) to promote the establishment of irrigation water storage facilities, enhanced water use efficiency and energy efficiency systems on farm units.
  • In collaboration with the Plant Protection Unit (PPU) seek an understanding of the impact of climate change events on pest-crop interaction, and to develop an integrated pest management approach to resolve issues relative to the outbreak of new pests or the proliferation of existing pest problems.
  • With the collaborative efforts of Extension personnel and the Soil Conservation Unit (SCU), promote good agricultural practices, such as land border protection (Khus Khus grass), minimum tillage, contour ploughing, mulching, row covers and the planting of forestry crops and tree crops to combat land slippage and soil erosion.
  • To conduct adaptive research on climate resilient crops and practices for adaptability to local conditions, while adopting appropriate crop rotation systems for maximum efficiencies and output.
  • To collaborate with farmers, local, regional, and international institutions to introduce adaptive measures to reduce the impact of heat stress on chicken and livestock production.
  • Develop methods of companion planting with multilayered canopies to reduce the elevated temperatures on crop growth and development.
  • Collaborate with the Planning and Communication Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Government Information Services (GIS), and other relevant institutions to establish a communication platform for an Early Warning Information System and awareness building.
  • Collaborate with the relevant departments in the Ministry of Agriculture to establish a germplasm of local landraces of crops to have a source material should there be a global impact due to climate-related extreme events.


Techniques to combat the effects of climate change for crop agriculture 



Promote smart technologies i.e. greenhouses, sensors, humidifiers

Promote the planting of trees, in particular fruit orchard for carbon sequestering

Clearing of drainage wells on farms

Introduce methods to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and temperature

Promote the production and processing of climate resilient? crops, cassava, yam, sweet potato

Reduce  pesticide usage

Establish and Early Warning Information System

Develop educational programs for farmers on climate variability and possible impacts on agricultural production

Encourage more water harvesting


Increase crop rotation and companion crop planting


Promote composting for fertilizer purpose


Legal Framework

Not applicable

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