Food Crops Research & Development


To improve competitiveness and sustainability of the farming community by sharing accurate, relevant research information with all stakeholders.


To be the leading provider of credible, reliable research results that impact favourably on sustainable, intensive food production.


  • To contribute to the food security of the nation as through research that facilitates the consistent production of nutritious food at reasonable prices.
  • To promote sustainable agricultural development
  • To enhance the competitiveness and productivity of the agricultural sector. 

Main Activities

  • Providing the technology for reducing food imports;
  • Researching and promoting the use of appropriate technology and crops;
  • Developing demonstration units to exhibit current, new, and improved technology  
  • Development of the Cassava, Coconut, Herb, Musa, and Vegetable industries;
  • Support to youth in agriculture;
  • Provision of services to the farming community. 

Legal Framework

Not applicable

Contact Us

Mark A. Byer (Coconuts)
Senior Agricultural Officer
  (246) 535-5199

Tony Rawlins (Cassava)
Agricultural Officer
  (246) 535-5245

Owen Gamble (Vegetables)
Senior Agricultural Assistant
  (246) 535-5242

Colin Maynard (Herbs and Musa)
Agricultural Assistant
  (246) 535-5202